What are the Benefits of Being Fully Employed v. Self-employed as an Estate Agent?

Within your career, you want to know that what you are doing is 100% right for you, therefore thinking about whether you want to be self or fully employed is important...

In estate agency, no two days are the same and there are so many interchangeable skills within the job. So, it makes sense that to further this freedom and flexibility, estate agents do have the option to be either self-employed or fully employed.

At Spicerhaart, we’ve gone one better. All our positions are fully employed – but with the freedom and flexibility to work from home through our Partnership scheme.

“We’ve gone one better…”

This may sound like a big decision, so we’ve compiled some pros and cons to help you find the right fit:


Self-employed Pros and Cons



Moving onto the fully employed option...


Fully employed pros and cons



If being a fully employed Partner and managing your own local area appeals to you, please visit our careers page and see where your next step might be.  



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