Estate Agency

Our estate agencies provide a full service to those looking to buy and sell property. By using effective and relevant marketing techniques along with state-of-the-art technology, we promote properties swiftly and effectively.

haart has over 200 branches across England, Felicity J Lord is based in London, Haybrook across South Yorkshire, bjb in the North West, and Darlows in Wales.

Chewton Rose operates in parts of England and Wales and provides an upgraded service for properties of high value. They use luxury lifestyle marketing techniques to promote these homes to potential buyers that dream of these affluent lifestyles.

Each of our estate agencies has a concise, effective and creative approach to selling and promoting properties. All our staff are highly-trained to get sellers the best price for their home.

To get a free, no obligation valuation, please visit the relevant brand’s website (see below), or call our Free Valuation Hotline on 0845 899 9999.