Spicerhaart bolsters staff training regime with Australian TV property pundit

Spicerhaart is delighted to have brought in Tom Panos, one of the world’s leading estate agency mentors to work with its various teams across the UK.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Tom Panos brings a wealth of experience, from his direct work with Australian and New Zealand estate agents to his commentary on the Australian property market on Sky TV Australia. He was first introduced to Spicerhaart at the 2016 Elite Annual Conference in Bangkok, where he spoke at length with the company’s elite performers, before being eventually signed up to provide help to Spicerhaart and its associated brands.

CEO Paul Smith of Spicerhaart commented: “The UK market isn’t all that different from the Australian one, despite their portals not being as strong as ours and the majority of agents charging upfront marketing fees. About a third of the market is auctions as well."

Our agency staff will gain access to 24 webinars and videos, all tailored specifically towards Spicerhaart, along with insights and advice through Spicerhaart’s new Mentoring Programme.