Spicerhaart’s Academy Recruitment Programme

Spicerhaart Estate Agency and Lettings Academy - Hiring our stars of the future.

The Spicerhaart Academy aims to bring into our business engaged and enthusiastic individuals with an open mind-set and ready to learn the winning ways. You will receive a blended training programme that is industry leading and a mixture of classroom, self-directed and webinar learning that is designed to enable you to enter with the academy without any experience and complete the learning programme with the knowledge, experience and tools to have a rewarding career and service our customers to the highest of standards.



Home Grown Talent

By teaching individuals from the start of their career, Spicerhaart can instil the highest standards in their employees, because their values and structures will be home grown and taught.

Head of Learning and Development, Emma Barber, said: “I believe when you create managers from within and nurture an employee to their full potential, they want to give back to the team and this creates a culture of people who support and coach one another.”


“Creating a culture of people who support and coach one another.”


Leading on from the Academy Recruitment Programme (ARP) will be an opportunity, for those able, to join the Spicerhaart Vocational Development Programme, where they will further their learning.

More specific industry knowledge will be taught, such as legislation and policies, after having gained experience on the ARP and developed the key skills they already have.

A qualification will be given for those who are successful, alongside a permanent role to continue growing within.



Two Steps Ahead

All Estate Agents will soon need a qualification for their job, under new legislation to be introduced by the Government, which is why Spicerhaart are getting two steps ahead by offering this to any young talent who may have no experience but are willing to learn. 

This training can also be expanded to a Level 2 within Estate Agency Training or up to Level 3 within Lettings and Property Management.

Once trained and experienced, individuals will be able to join the LEAD Programme, to develop and empower them all the way to a Senior Executive Manager, helping them to get the most out of their career.

Spicerhaart provides the upmost support and opportunities for employees, through all these different programmes, to become stars in their field and create a lifelong career at the highest of industry standards.



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