Spicerhaart’s Take the LEAD with Career Building Programme

Spicerhaart has an exciting leadership programme which will provide career opportunities for colleagues with a growth mindset.

The year-long LEAD Programme (Leadership, Empowerment and Development) is aimed at individuals with the right skills and mindset to become leaders. 


Solid Foundations

Emma Barber, Head of Learning and Development, said: “The foundations of your career and skills are so important; building a career is like building a house, if you don’t get the foundations right, the whole thing will fall down!”

The LEAD Programme takes those nominated by senior managers and develops them into leaders. The range of criteria to be nominated is vast, including performance, attitude and thirst for knowledge or it may be someone who has helped mentor another person and shown great leadership capability.


“Building a career is like building a house,
if you don’t get the foundations right, the whole thing will fall down.”


Individuals will begin with the Leadership Preparation stage, encompassing Spicerhaart’s principles, core beliefs and family commitment to one another. The company is committed to training and developing an individual to their highest possible standard as long as they have the drive to learn.

Through a combination of internal and external learning, within classroom, webinar and research settings, individuals will learn what it takes to be a leader and how to get the best out of themselves and a team.



Next Steps

If they are successful through this stage, Spicerhaart will continue to nurture them into becoming a Senior Manager, with coaching skills such as 1-2-1’s, how to continuously inspire and motivate their team, pick up those who are struggling and help others develop too.

The opportunity to continue developing to a Senior Executive Manager stage will also be available. This will build on skills and make the most out of an individual's growth; this stage really draws on an individual's strategic awareness and ability to implement change across the business.

Emma added: “It is about working on your mindset as much as it is your skills, you have to work together and not at one another’s expense to have real success, and great leaders can do this with the right empowerment.”

Each cohort will have no more than 10 people and will finish the programme with an assessed presentation to one another reflecting on all that has been learnt. A graduation will then be held with celebrations alongside senior managers at a Spicerhaart family meal.

The interchangeable skills learnt will be nurtured and the individual will continue to grow throughout their time at Spicerhaart. The LEAD Programme will give life-long leadership abilities that will then be passed onto others, creating a community with the highest professional standards.



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